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Associate Founder. Holder of a DESS Business Management and a Master in Molecular Biochemistry.

20 years of General Management and Profit Centre management in international industrial companies and SMEs (International Paper, Crown Cork and Seal, Rhodia), with numerous industrial restructuring missions, Strategic redeployments and organizational expertise, Patrice Dufossé brings his intimate knowledge of the industrial and marketing positions and his legitimacy as a business leader. He created Cadres & Tech in 2007 and specializes in executive profiles and industrial positions with high technical content.


Associate Director. Holder of the Master of Marketing Studies and Decisions of Neoma, Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg.

20 years of experience of General Management and Brands in major international groups (Richemont, Montblanc, ST-Dupont, Canson) Michel Adé is an expert in the international development of exclusive brands, mastering the types of distribution ( Retail, Wholesale, E-Commerce, Travel Retail…) and types of representation (Subsidiary, Joint-Venture…) His extensive knowledge of the marketing and commercial trades allows him a precise approach to the recruitment of these profiles. Michel Adé has also been a Director for 7 years of the Gardinier Group, a specialist in luxury hotels and gastronomy, which gives him a very good understanding of these activities.


Associate Director. Graduated Engineer from the School of Higher Engineering Studies (HEI in Lille) and a DESS in Business Administration (I.A.E.).

With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT directorates of major international groups (Alstom, Valeo, Euristt, Sony, Kimberly-Clark) Philippe Marin is recognized as an expert in the field of new technologies. His knowledge of the trades and his involvement in professional networks give him a real acuity in the detection of rare and sharp skills. He is also involved in the search for talent for support functions.

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